• News
  • May 12, 2016
  • Anitoa Introduces Portable Chemiluminescence Imager using CIS Technology

  • May 6, 2015
  • Anitoa Systems Demonstrates Compact qPCR with Ultra Low-Light CMOS Bio-Optical Sensor

  • Oct. 1, 2014
  • Anitoa introduces world's most sensitive CMOS bio-optical sensor, capable of 3e-6 lux detection threshold, enabling portable medical and scientific instruments

    • CMOS Ultra-low-light Bio-optical Sensor ULS24
    • The Anitoa ULS24 is an ultra-low-light CMOS image sensor (CIS). Its low cost, small form factor and high level of integration make it optimally suited for use in a portable device in medical, scientific and industrial applications. An example of such application is a field portable nucleic-acid-test (NAT) system that performs molecular sensing based-on fluorescence or chemiluminescence signaling principles.

      • Features
      • Ultra low-light sensitivity. Detection threshold 3.0 x 10-6 lux
        Low dark current; high SnR and wide dynamic range.
        Built-in 12-bit ADCs; excellent linearity.
        3.3V and 1.8V power supply; 30mW max power.
        Built-in temperature sensor; wide operating temperature range.

    • Click here to download the Preliminary datasheet of ULS24.
      Click here to download Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for ULS24.
      • ULS24 Solution Kit available
      • A "Solution Kit" is available for customer evaluation of ULS24. The Solution Kit includes the ULS 24 Sensor IC, an interface board, and software (SDK with optional Python interface). This solution kit can readily interface with a PC via USB. A 4-Channel Solution Kit is now available.

      • Click here to download the The datasheet of ULS24 Solution Kit.
        If you are interested in ordering the Solution Kit, please Contact us here.
        • Compact Multi-channel Fluorescence & Chemiluminescence Cameras
        • The Anitoa CFIx24 is a palm-sized turn-key fluorescence camera system, powered by ULS24 CMOS bio-optical sensor chips. It features 1-4 channels simultaneous fluorescent emission wavelength sensing, plus optional integrated LED light source with collimation lens system. This camera can be conveniently embedded in a small instrument for molecular imaging.

          Click here to download the Preliminary datasheet of CFIx24.

          A ULS24-based chemiluminescence camera, CCIx124 is now available.

        • Availability
        • If you are interested in ordering the the CFIx24 or CCI124 systems, please Contact us here.


      • Field-portable qPCR System PDx16 (Evaluation sample available)
        • Field-portable, Bluetooth(R) 2.0 enabled qPCR system that is compatible with standard qPCR assays, with up to 4-channel multiplexing. Target applications are rapid, on-the-site nucleic acid test of infectious diseases; blood screening; food safety and environmental monitoring.

          PDx16 features a 4-channel fluorescence optical system based on Anitoa ULS24 Ultra-low light Bioimager chip. With no internal moving parts, PDx16 is rugged and requires no calibration to operate.

          Click here to download the Preliminary datasheet of PDx16.